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May 27, 2014. The perils of gardening, they are many! I encountered several during this evening's post-thundershower activities, which involved mainly pulling some weeds around the waterfall area. Peril #1: my first sighting of poison ivy of the season – a good-sized plant, too. I'm horribly allergic, so I left it alone for now, with plans to return properly armed to dispose of it. Still, part of the plant was severed, and I couldn't be sure I hadn't touched it inadvertently... Peril #2: the skeeters, out in force in the warm, humid air as dusk was setting in. Funny how some actual mosquito bites combined with the mere thought of poison ivy makes you itchy all over! But peril #3 dwarfed the other two today: I decided to cut back on some ornamental sedge whose tattered last-year leaves were still in place, which made for a decidedly unpretty picture. So I was in there with my pruners, just grabbing and cutting, when a happened upon a wad of old dead leaves. Thinking nothing of it, I pulled it out so it could join the fresh-cut leaves in the compost bin, when OW! I got stung. Buzzing all around. Quickly retreating, I still got pursued and stung by at least one other angry bee. Their nest, now laying exposed on top of the sedge mound, was abuzz with the fuzzy insects. I'm not sure what they were – obviously a social bee of some kind, and equally obviously unhappy with their recent treatment. I left them be for the evening, much like the poison ivy.

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