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June 14, 2014. Forgotten corners of the yard can be wild and woolly places. Our garden has several of them: areas where tall weeds and semi-weeds run rampant, sufficiently out of sight that they escape the eye of the gardener, who prefers to devote his efforts to more visible parts of the landscape. One of them is the back side of the hill behind our big pond. The waterfall, if the pump feeding it were actually running, comes down from the top of that hill along the front side, but the back side is a very different place. At one point, I referred to the area as "the tall zone", where I allowed taller-growing plants to duke it out. Several of those plants still grow there, including motherwort, cup plant, oriental goat's rue, and wingstem. I think of them as semi-weeds: I put them there on purpose, but they are too vigorous for a traditional garden setting, so now they are at best tolerated. This week, while yanking out some of those weeds and semi-weeds by the armful, I came upon these magnificent specimens of burdock. A weed for sure, but you gotta admire a plant that makes giant leaves like that. I decided to let them grow, at least up to the point where they want to set seed.

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