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June 15, 2014. Queue the thriller music – there's a mysterious intruder roaming about! The crime scene is pictured in the photo, which doesn't do it much justice. It shows a section of our pond's filtration zone, which has about 6 inches of standing water inhabited by a mix of watercress, lizard's tail, bullrush, and a few other aquatic plants. They grow fast and tall, so it was a striking sight to see a sizable swath of the vegetation suddenly flattened one day. Close-up inspection ruled out thunderstorms or other weather phenomena as the source of the disruption: this was clearly the work of a tromping being of some kind. Could it be Maddy, out mutt-dog? Unlikely: she's not a water-dog, and has never been observed in the filtration area. Although Maddy chasing some smaller animal is still a distinct possibility. The cat is even more unlikely. We seldom observe deer in the direct neighborhood, and I doubt deer would select such a wet place to lie down in any case – our garden provides better options, I think. The same goes for other mammals that make their home in our area of Pennsylvania. So what could it be? No bird is big enough to do this, although a family of geese could be the culprits I guess. If only the frogs could talk... (They do, actually – I just can't make out what they're saying)

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