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July 10, 2014. Well that didn't take long. As I mentioned on my page about the this spring's rock garden overhaul, strong-growing plants quickly fill in the sparseness of a newly (re)constructed rock garden. This year was no exception: Dianthus giganteus (a plant not purposely reintroduced, but tolerated in a few places where volunteers popped up) is doing its zoom-up-and-bloom thing, the tall sedums are starting to muscle out their smaller neighbors, various penstemons are reaching for the sky, the butterfly milkweed that refuses to die is contrasting nicely with its exuberant lavendar neighbor, and a few sprawlers are sprawling. So far, the smaller-growing plants are holding their own, but I'll have to be vigilant lest they shrink from the garden, bullied by an army of likeable thugs.

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Last modified: September 09, 2009
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