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September 14, 2014. It all started with Boy Scout summer camp – apparently some company had unloaded lots of no longer wanted rope for scouts to take home. So Max and Ben stuffed their foot lockers with as much as they could lay their hands on. Once home, on one of those lazy summer days when boredom set in, all those lengths of rope needed a purpose – and what better to do with it than to build a great mess of tangles in our poor nectarine tree? The lower trunk and major branches of the tree have been devoid of leaves for some years now, which provides an excellent framework for ropistry. Supposedly there are chairs and hammocks that provide marvellous comfort and utility, but somehow, the boys never returned to their creation once it was made. So now, weeks later, it's still up there, no doubt upsetting our poor ironfish, who is constantly air-swimming in the direction of a giant net. Hopefully we can convince Max and/or Ben to undertake the task of undoing the knots and untangling the structure – which will most likely take longer than putting it together in the first place!

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