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October 19, 2014. There's not all that much left blooming in the garden (unless you count the plumes on ornamental grasses): the knock-out roses are still doing their thing, Sedum sieboldii is in prime form, fall-blooming crocuses are looking nice, and quite a few annuals and late-blooming perennials are soldiering on with some new flowers alongside the more prevalent developing seedheads. But the greater source of color right now is definitely the autumn leaves. Mostly the trees and shrubs (I'm enjoying the flowering dogwood, various viburnums, blackgum, among others) – but when you look a little closer, many of the lower-growing perennials are also very colorful in leaf right now. Take the Eastern beabalm shown here: the shiny leaves gleam in purple splendor, making a nice contrast with the fading seedheads. I should spend more time outside this time of year, but it seems like I don't get around to leisurely walks around the garden very much. When I do, I'm distracted by all the plants that are sporting their ripe seeds, prompting me to run to the garage for a suitable container to collect some into. Those society seed exchanges are expecting their donation shipments any day now...

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