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April 09, 2017. Our Texas plot, built on what was farm fields not too long ago but ravaged by the onslaught of construction equipment and activities and set in a somewhat sterile environment without any established plantings, isn't exactly a hotbed of animal life. Sure, we have fire ants and quite a few varieties of spiders, lawn grubs and even the occasional ladybug. And a few birds have finally found our feeders. But we miss the chipmunks, squirrels, cardinals, nuthatches, juncos, and goldfinches. However, we have one point of compensation: lizards! We never once saw a lizard in our Pennsylvania garden, but here we've had several visits from these cool dudes. We hope to see even more of them as we get some plantings that they can climb and hide in. As for armadillos – I think I'm content knowing they're around here, without seeing their evidence in the backyard!

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