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Setting the forms that define the perimeter
April 11, 2017. No garden is complete without a water feature. At least, not for our clan, who got used to the sounds of splashing water from our little pond (built for the occasion of our backyard wedding) and our big swimming pond, which came ten years later. That was Pennsylvania, now is Texas – so it was time to introduce our resident birds (the mourning doves found us!) to the joys of backyard water gardening. Even though I built our first pond myself, we decided to go with a professionally installed pond this time around – not only do I worry about my back not being as strong as it once was, I also know that the specialists will do a better job of making everything look just right. Since this is going to be the centerpiece of our smallish garden, just right is certainly what we're looking for. So we found engaged the local experts, and today was the start of the job. The pond will be roughly 6 x 10 ft, freeform shaped, with a filtration bog and waterfall. When it's all done, it will take up quite a swath of real estate! Today's activities got terminated early by all-afternoon thunderstorms, but the morning's progress got us to the point of concrete banks being poured into forms around the perimeter – pretty cool. It should be all done in a few days, so I hope to gush over our new feature in my next post here!

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