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Boy #2
April 19, 2017. Well, it took the local toad boys hardly any time at all to find our brand new pond. Last night they started their amazingly loud trills, easily penetrating the sound-insulating qualities of our home to keep Amy awake for a good part of the night. She gave me instructions to find them and bomb them, smoke them out, or otherwise get them to shut up – so when they started up again this evening I ventured out to see if I could find them. That proved fairly easy, even in the dark, since they continued their song even when I got closer. There were at least two guys facing off, at slightly different pitches, both very loud (at close range I felt I might need hearing protection). They clearly like the moving water – one was sitting on a rock at the base of our waterfall, the other just alongside the stream. Even odder, we then found another toad (a girl, most likely) camping out in our dining room. No idea how she got inside, but Ben scooped her up and put her near the pond as well. Perhaps she knows how to quiet those boys down...

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