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Pretty Suki
April 25, 2017. It's good to have fish. We usually had fish swimming around in our small patio pond in Pennsylvania, but because we never fed them and the pond wasn't filtered (and therefore murky), we didn't see much of them. Not so with our new pond: its fish are more like pets. We feed them, so they come up to the surface and show themselves routinely. And we've named them, too: Ms. koi goes by Suki (short for Yobesuki, although we have no idea what that might mean), the shubunkens are named Donder, Blitzen and Giraffe, and the comets answer to Peggy, Poppy and Comet. The latter are hard to tell apart for the uninitiated, but Lily can do so unwaveringly. She's also the one most likely to spoil them with more food than they need.

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