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Four of the hundreds
April 29, 2017. A day after the April 19th post, after releasing Ms. Toad into the back yard to join the trilling lads, the night-time serenades suddenly stopped. We guessed at the cause for this sudden silence, but had no way of knowing. Then suddenly yesterday we noticed hundreds of tadpoles in the pond – all throughout, from the bog up high, to the stream, to the main pond itself. By now, the pond has developed some green detritus on many surfaces, so I assume that's what the youngsters are feeding on. And even though I don't know how to tell apart frog and toad tadpoles, I've not seen frogs around here, and a good number of toads, so chances are it's toadpoles that have invaded our pond. Now we're curious to see how many will survive, and how the fish will appreciate their new neighbors. Thus far, they're ignoring each other.
Speaking of fish, it appears that Comet has met an untimely demise. He hasn't been spotted in three days now, while his compatriots are still darting around happily at feeding times. We have no idea what happened.

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