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Transformation from mid-April to early June
June 03, 2017. Time flies – it's been a month and a half since our waterfall pond was installed, and we've been busy since then. So have the plants in the pond, which have filled out their allotted spaces and increased in number through a few additional purchases. We added a small paved area in front of the pond – not big enough to be called a patio, but it's a good place from which to watch and feed the fish, and observe the dragon flies and toads. And all around the pond, the grass is gone, transformed into garden borders, with a few plantings in place. Not nearly enough to provide the lush look we're after in the long run, but it's easier to see now how that look will be accomplished. The grasses behind the pond will grow up and add wind-blown movement to the scene, while the satsuma orange trees, an oleander, a bottlebrush tree, and a bougainvillea will eventually provide a shrubby backdrop. It's good that we could get this all done in April and May, because now that June has arrived, the weather has turned hot and steamy – OK to venture out to feed the fish and enjoy the garden for a few minutes, but not much fun to do any heavy-lifting work in.

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