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judging by the diagonal path of the rain, wind came from the north this morning
June 24, 2017. The Houston climate isn't much to our liking. The mild winters are nice enough, but we miss the snow; and the humid summer heat is miserable. But there is one distinct pleasure: the awesome thunderstorms. The Texas Gulf Coast knows how to put on a good show, with marvelous cloud parties, earsplitting thunderclaps, and impressive volumes of rain. We've already had our share of upper-90s sun-scorched days, so any rain is a welcome relief – and we got a good one this morning, dropping about four inches of water in a matter of a few hours. The fish were excited, too – they kept jumping up at the surface to get closer to the raindrops. To deal with the periodic deluges, all yards in new developments around here are carefully graded to create swales that carry the water away from the houses toward the street, where storm drains are at the ready to dispose of the excess H2O. The construction of our pond interrupted the rightward swale of our backyard, so that a puddle forms almost any time any significant rain falls. I'll have to regrade the yard a bit to deal with that; in the meantime, it's fun to wade through the warm-water puddle in bare feet after storms. Actually, the whole back yard is exquisitely squishy. I've turned off the sprinkler system for the week.

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