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rain catcher
August 27, 2017. Harvey is paying us a visit this weekend, and he means business. This morning, like last morning, the wheelbarrow I keep outside as a rain gauge was filled to overflowing, with more rain slapping down furiously. The fact that the wheelbarrow has remained upright is a testament to the fact that, despite tornado warnings and sightings left and right around us, we haven't been hit by too much wind thus far (keeping our fingers crossed). I'm sure the plants in the garden were hoping for some water after the stretch of very hot weather we'd been having until recently, but I think they've had enough now, thank you. The grasses that waved majestically in the wind behind our pond are flat on the ground, having suffered the combined effects of wind and downpour – but other than that, it's all just very wet. We're lucky to live in a new neighborhood, constructed with flood hazards in mind – Oyster Creek, which runs right behind our subdivision, has overflowed its banks impressively, but the water levels are still well below home levels. We're due to get quite a bit more rain in the next few days, so hopefully I didn't speak too soon... Meanwhile, at least the stifling heat has abated!

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Last modified: September 09, 2009
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