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a barrier of concrete and peat moss
August 31, 2017. In previous years, I've written about our collection of home-made hypertufa troughs, built to house an expanding collection of small rock garden plants when we lived in Pennsylvania. Here in Houston, I've been daunted by the prospect of keeping anything, let alone finnicky alpines, alive in quick-drying containers, so although we moved most of the troughs out here, they've sat empty on our back patio for well over a year now. Until a few days ago: hurricane Harvey's downpours had filled our pond to the brim, and our goldfish were starting to make moves to explore the big beyond, trying to scoot across the flagstones that define the front ledge of the pond. Not wishing to have their beloved fishies meet their demise in a bermudagrass lawn, Amy and a couple of kids sprang into action, building an innovative wall of hypertufa across the front of the pond. It's such a masterful work of architectural prowess that I've been hesitant to take it down, although I guess its demise is imminent at this point – we've had several days of regular hot Houston weather, and the pond is back to its normal level (it may even need topping up sometime soon!).

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