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November 05, 2017. About a week after I wrote the previous entry, I spotted a new feature while inspecting our plumeria: a tiny cluster of buds that did not resemble the leaf buds I'd been watching all year. It seemed like I might see flowers after all! However, the buds didn't develop much in the following weeks, and then suddenly, a week ago, we had a surprise frost. In the middle of Houston's balmy autumn weather, we had a brief stretch of cooler temperatures, and one morning there was the unmistakable silvery covering on the lawn. I was leaving on a business trip that morning, and did not know what to expect when I returned several days later; but when I did, I found that the frost must have been quite mild, since most plants (including basil, which I find blackens at even light freezes) escaped unscathed. But the plumeria had clearly felt the effects of the temperature drop: many of its older leaves had yellowed and dropped. But many more, especially the newer ones, were still alive and well, and the flower buds had developed to the stage shown in the picture here. In the meantime, we were back to the 80s for afternoon highs. So now it's a race against the clock: will the flowers develop before a more significant freeze comes to our area and shuts our plumeria down? I'll keep you updated.

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