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November 11, 2017. One of the things that inspired us to buy a home in our new development, named Harvest Green, was the farm and garden focus of this master-planned community. So far, the verdict is out on how successful the concept will be, but we decided we would do our best to support it. So when the community gardening plots started up this fall (they call it Farm Club), we jumped on board and claimed our own little section, consisting of four rows of fifteen feet long, perhaps 18 inches wide, in which to grow a bounty of vegetables. Amy recruited a new gnome just to stand guard over our plot, and I planted a variety of transplants (mostly cole crops) into some rows, and sowed several additional crops (lettuce, beets, leeks, carrots, and peas) into the rest of the area. By now, most of the seeded areas are showing some seedlings, and most of those cabbages, broccoli, and cauliflower and doing fine. We know very little about vegetable garden on the hot Gulf Coast, but are determined to find out how to make it work. And we hope a community of fellow gardeners sprouts up around us! I'll treat it as an outpost of our home garden (only a mile away, after all), and report on our progress here from time to time.

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