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A growth spurt even more impressive than that of my teen-age son!
May 07, 2018. Texas birds are messy eaters. At least that's how I assume the sunflower that volunteered in our back fence border came about. I allowed it to grow, even though it's in kind of an awkward place. By now it has zoomed up to a height of about 9 feet, and is starting to bloom. No massive sunflower heads on this one – it looks like the flowers will come in more modest sizes, but should still be cheerful. At least as long as I allow it to persist; I'm getting a little concerned about the small Texas ebony tree that's struggling for light in its immediate vicinity, and I doubt the red yucca is particularly happy about its neighbor either. But for a little while longer, I'll watch just how high this one will climb.

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Last modified: September 09, 2009
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