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December 25, 2018. A green man under the tree! Every year for very long now, I've asked, as part of my wish list (which is frustratingly short and awkward for my loved ones) for "substantial" items of garden art. Not that I mind the small-scale funky pieces that I've been blessed with on many father's days – those sheet-metal dinosaurs and lizards, voluptuous stone beauties, and comical resin mice are very much a part of the garden experience, peeking out from here or there as you walk by. But you have to get up close to notice them, and they are prone to being crowded out by the natural denizens of the borders. It's good to have something bolder to add to the mix, something that can be admired from a distance. So I had high hopes for the biggest box in my pile of presents to unwrap – and I was not disappointed. The green man is a recurring motif in garden illustrations and horticultural art, and I'm proud to now have my own on display: a leafy face with a benevolent smile, all decked out in verdigris green, solemnly gazing from his perch on the back fence, greeting us as we step out of the back door into the garden. Perhaps he'll even keep watch over our mischievous kitten, who has recently learned the art of escaping into the garden and getting into trouble. Thanks Amy!

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