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There's no missing these big bold red flowers
March 26, 2020. Who doesn't like the big bold amaryllis (Hippeastrum, for the botanists) flowers on plants sold for indoor enjoyment? I sure do, and so does Amy; I've taken to buying a potted one around the winter holidays to enjoy in the post-Christmas jumble around the house. Back in Pennsylvania, it was pretty much a lost cause to try to keep them alive after they'd served their indoor purpose, but here in Texas I had hope of keeping it going outdoors. So last year I tried, and planted the large bulb in one of our garden borders after it finished blooming. It just sat there for the rest of the season, and looked positively bedraggled by the time January rolled around – so I gave up on the concept, and tossed this year's bulb in the compost. Too soon, too soon! Within weeks, the outdoor one spruced up, and by mid-March, it was blooming – at least as nicely as it had indoors the previous year. So now I know. If we're in this home for a few more years, we'll have amaryllis all around!

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