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The builder is nowhere in sight, but her work is admirable
November 20, 2020. This morning, shortly after seven o'clock, after Amy left home to tend to her fifth-grade class, I got an excited phone call. My dear wife exhorted me to go downstairs and outside immediately, and witness the miracle created by a little spider, in the tree adjacent to her car. And sure enough, when I dutifully reported outside, there it was – a dew-jeweled small but near-perfect spider web. These past few weeks, while still warm by our previous standards, have been trending favorably cooler, especially the overnight temperatures. So this early-morning sighting, with the chill in the air and little beads of water accentuating the web's pretty pattern, brought welcome memories of autumn in the northeast – even though fall foliage is still hard to find around these Texas parts. The live oak where Ms. Spider made her home certainly isn't going to provide any – but it can boast a silken charm all its own right now.

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Last modified: September 09, 2009
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