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Garden journal entry


March 30, 2021. Since my last post, it's become a lot clearer what's going to survive and what's dead as a doornail in the garden. So my time outside recently has been spent hacking down the latter, and feeding it to my electric shredder (which has been happy with all the attention it's been getting lately). As you can see, not much survived in the back fence border. The shrubs and trees that are still standing are, from left to right:
  • The figs (both leafed out prolifically after the freeze)
  • Our olive, which shows no sign of life at all but whose limbs are still supple, giving me a sliver of hope for its survival
  • The orchid tree, which presented new growth soon after the storm
  • Our trusty thryallis, whose smaller twigs were all killed, but which started putting out some leaves along the bigger branches
  • And finally, one of our satsumas. Both (the other isn't in the photo) are almost certainly dead, but I've been holding out on chopping them

A few others look like they'll spring up from the roots (the Cape honeysuckle, the pomegranate, and various non-woody perennials). So by summer's end, the border will likely regain a much lusher look, but for now we're lookin' at a whole lotta fence – and it will be a while before we're back to the coveted invisible fence look.

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