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Reminds me of an Escher drawing of ants marching in different directions
May 11, 2022. As temperatures are getting steamy once again, I was taking a break from actual gardening and roaming around with my camera, when I spotted a bunch of katydid nymphs on a columbine plant. Then, when I hunched down to take their picture, I noticed another interesting procession of insects on a single stem of the same columbine. They were too small to make out what they were, but I snapped a few quick photos before returning to the katydids. When I looked at the results later, I was amazed to see that I had captured a pretty nice picture of early-stage bug nymphs (identity unknown), who appear to be marching back and forth across another set of structures (eggs? scale insects?). When I returned later, I could no longer find the insects or that stem, but I'm glad I got their mugshots.

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