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Family: asparagaceae

General resources

Species of Agave

Agave hybrids and unidentified species
Agave aktites
Agave albomarginata
Agave albopilosa
Agave americana
Agave amica
Agave × amourifolia
Agave angustifolia
Agave applanata
Agave arizonica
Agave asperrima
Agave atrovirens
Agave attenuata
Agave aurea
Agave avellanidens
Agave boldinghiana
Agave bovicornuta
Agave bracteosa
Agave calodonta
Agave cantala
Agave celsii
Agave cerulata
Agave chiapensis
Agave chrysantha
Agave chrysoglossa
Agave colimana
Agave colorata
Agave congesta
Agave cundinamarcensis
Agave dasylirioides
Agave datylio
Agave de-meesteriana
Agave decipiens
Agave delamateri
Agave deserti
Agave desmettiana
Agave difformis
Agave durangensis
Agave eggersiana
Agave ellemeetiana
Agave ensifera
Agave evadens
Agave felgeri
Agave ferdinandi-regis
Agave filifera
Agave × flexidigera
Agave × flexisperrima
Agave flexispina
Agave fortiflora
Agave fourcroydes
Agave franzosinii
Agave funkiana
Agave garciae-mendozae
Agave geminiflora
Agave × gentana
Agave gentryi
Agave ghiesbreghtii
Agave gigantensis
Agave glomeruliflora
Agave gracilipes
Agave guadalajarana
Agave guiengola
Agave gypsophila
Agave havardiana
Agave hiemiflora
Agave hookeri
Agave horrida
Agave hurteri
Agave impressa
Agave inaequidens
Agave isthmensis
Agave karatto
Agave karwinskii
Agave kerchovei
Agave kewensis
Agave lechuguilla
Agave × lechuphantha
Agave × leopoldii
Agave loferox
Agave lophantha
Agave macroacantha
Agave macroculmis
Agave mapisaga
Agave margaritae
Agave marmorata
Agave maximiliana
Agave mckelveyana
Agave missionum
Agave × mitana
Agave × mitiflora
Agave mitis
Agave montana
Agave moranii
Agave multifilifera
Agave murpheyi
Agave nayaritensis
Agave neglecta
Agave neomexicana
Agave × nickelima
Agave nickelsiae
Agave × nickuilla
Agave nigra
Agave nizandensis
Agave obscura
Agave ocahui
Agave × ocareginae
Agave ornithobroma
Agave ovatifolia
Agave × ovatisana
Agave × ovatispina
Agave pachycentra
Agave palmeri
Agave parrasana
Agave × parryantha
Agave parryi
Agave × parryspina
Agave parviflora
Agave pedunculifera
Agave pelona
Agave pendula
Agave phillipsiana
Agave polianthiflora
Agave polyacantha
Agave potatorum
Agave potrerana
Agave promontorii
Agave × protamericana
Agave × protifolia
Agave × pseudoferox
Agave pumila
Agave pygmaea
Agave ragusae
Agave × romanii
Agave salmiana
Agave scabra
Agave schidigera
Agave schottii
Agave seemanniana
Agave shawii
Agave shrevei
Agave simplex
Agave sisalana
Agave sobria
Agave striata
Agave × striateosa
Agave stricta
Agave × striphantha
Agave subsimplex
Agave temacapulinensis
Agave tequilana
Agave titanota
Agave toumeyana
Agave triangularis
Agave univittata
Agave utahensis
Agave × utahveyana
Agave valenciana
Agave victoriae
Agave victoriae-reginae
Agave × victorifolia
Agave vilmoriniana
Agave virginica
Agave vizcainoensis
Agave warelliana
Agave weberi
Agave wercklei
Agave winteriana
Agave wocomahi
Agave xylonacantha
Agave yuccaefolia
Agave zebra

Links with information about various species of Agave

Last updated:09 Jul 2022