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Family: caryophyllaceae

General resources

Species of Arenaria

Arenaria hybrids and unidentified species
Arenaria aberrans
Arenaria acerosa
Arenaria aculeata
Arenaria aggregata
Arenaria alfacarensis
Arenaria angustifolia
Arenaria angustifolioides
Arenaria angustisepala
Arenaria antitaurica
Arenaria arcuatociliata
Arenaria armerina
Arenaria auricoma
Arenaria balansae
Arenaria balearica
Arenaria benthamii
Arenaria bertolonii
Arenaria biflora
Arenaria bomiensis
Arenaria brevipetala
Arenaria bryophylla
Arenaria capillaris
Arenaria chamdoensis
Arenaria ciliata
Arenaria congesta
Arenaria cretica
Arenaria cucubaloides
Arenaria deflexa
Arenaria delaguardiae
Arenaria delavayi
Arenaria densissima
Arenaria digyna
Arenaria dsharaensis
Arenaria dyris
Arenaria eastwoodiae
Arenaria eliasiana
Arenaria fendleri
Arenaria festucoides
Arenaria filicaulis
Arenaria fragillima
Arenaria franklinii
Arenaria fridericae
Arenaria gerzeensis
Arenaria glanduligera
Arenaria globiflora
Arenaria gracilis
Arenaria graminifolia
Arenaria grandiflora
Arenaria griffithii
Arenaria haitzeshanensis
Arenaria halacsyi
Arenaria hispida
Arenaria hookeri
Arenaria humifusa
Arenaria inornata
Arenaria iochanensis
Arenaria ionandra
Arenaria ischnophylla
Arenaria kansuensis
Arenaria katoana
Arenaria kingii
Arenaria kotschyana
Arenaria kumaonensis
Arenaria lancangensis
Arenaria lanuginosa
Arenaria laricifolia
Arenaria ledebouriana
Arenaria libanotica
Arenaria ligericina
Arenaria lithops
Arenaria livermorensis
Arenaria longifolia
Arenaria longipedunculata
Arenaria longiseta
Arenaria longistyla
Arenaria ludens
Arenaria macradenia
Arenaria melandryiformis
Arenaria melandryoides
Arenaria monantha
Arenaria monilifera
Arenaria mons-cragus
Arenaria montana
Arenaria multicaulis
Arenaria norvegica
Arenaria obtusiloba
Arenaria oreophila
Arenaria paludicola
Arenaria patula
Arenaria pleurantha
Arenaria pogonantha
Arenaria polysperma
Arenaria polytrichoides
Arenaria procera
Arenaria przewalskii
Arenaria pseudacantholimon
Arenaria pulvinata
Arenaria pumicola
Arenaria purpurascens
Arenaria qinghaiensis
Arenaria ramellata
Arenaria redowskii
Arenaria repens
Arenaria rhodantha
Arenaria rivularis
Arenaria rockii
Arenaria roseiflora
Arenaria rotundifolia
Arenaria rubella
Arenaria serpens
Arenaria serpyllifolia
Arenaria setifera
Arenaria shannanensis
Arenaria smithiana
Arenaria speluncarum
Arenaria stenomeres
Arenaria stracheyi
Arenaria stricta
Arenaria tetraquetra
Arenaria tmolea
Arenaria tomentosa
Arenaria trichophora
Arenaria trichophylla
Arenaria tumengelaensis
Arenaria uninervia
Arenaria ursina
Arenaria vitoriana
Arenaria weissiana
Arenaria yulongshanensis
Arenaria zadoiensis

Last updated:11 Jun 2022