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Family: fabaceae

General resources

  • Wikipedia. Online encyclopedia entry (if defined).
  • GRIN. Taxonomical details, with common names, distribution, and synonyms.

Species of Astracantha

Astracantha acmophylla
Astracantha acmophylloides
Astracantha adusta
Astracantha ambigua
Astracantha amblolepis
Astracantha andrachnifolia
Astracantha antiochiana
Astracantha arnacantha
Astracantha baghensis
Astracantha balansae
Astracantha barba-jovis
Astracantha basianica
Astracantha brachycalyx
Astracantha brachyptera
Astracantha caspica
Astracantha chorassanica
Astracantha chthonocephala
Astracantha coarctata
Astracantha compacta
Astracantha condensata
Astracantha cretica
Astracantha cymbibracteata
Astracantha cymbostegia
Astracantha delanensis
Astracantha diphtherites
Astracantha dolona
Astracantha drusorum
Astracantha eriocephala
Astracantha floccosa
Astracantha gevashensis
Astracantha glabrifolia
Astracantha granatensis
Astracantha gummifera
Astracantha hasbeyana
Astracantha heratensis
Astracantha hilaris
Astracantha hypsogeton
Astracantha karabaghensis
Astracantha karjaginii
Astracantha kurdica
Astracantha lateritia
Astracantha longifolia
Astracantha meyeri
Astracantha mitchelliana
Astracantha noana
Astracantha ochrochlora
Astracantha oleifolia
Astracantha oltensis
Astracantha pennata
Astracantha pennatula
Astracantha plumosa
Astracantha polyantha
Astracantha pseudocaspia
Astracantha psilacmos
Astracantha ptilocephala
Astracantha pulvinata
Astracantha pycnocephala
Astracantha rumelica
Astracantha schottiana
Astracantha sofica
Astracantha strictifolia
Astracantha strictispina
Astracantha strobilifera
Astracantha thracica
Astracantha tournefortii
Astracantha wartonsis
Astracantha wiedemanniana
Astracantha xanthogossypina
Astracantha zahlbruckneri

Last updated:22 Feb 2015