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Family: orobanchaceae

General resources

  • Wikipedia. Online encyclopedia entry (if defined).
  • GRIN. Taxonomical details, with common names, distribution, and synonyms.

Species of Castilleja

Castilleja affinis
Castilleja ambigua
Castilleja angustifolia
Castilleja applegatei
Castilleja arachnoidea
Castilleja arctica
Castilleja attenuata
Castilleja campestris
Castilleja caudata
Castilleja chromosa
Castilleja chrysantha
Castilleja cinerea
Castilleja coccinea
Castilleja cusickii
Castilleja densiflora
Castilleja elegans
Castilleja exserta
Castilleja fissifolia
Castilleja flava
Castilleja foliolosa
Castilleja glandulifera
Castilleja grisea
Castilleja haydenii
Castilleja hispida
Castilleja indivisa
Castilleja integra
Castilleja kraliana
Castilleja lanata
Castilleja latifolia
Castilleja lemmonii
Castilleja levisecta
Castilleja linariifolia
Castilleja lineata
Castilleja lutescens
Castilleja mexicana
Castilleja miniata
Castilleja minor
Castilleja nana
Castilleja nivea
Castilleja occidentalis
Castilleja oresbia
Castilleja organorum
Castilleja ornata
Castilleja pallescens
Castilleja parviflora
Castilleja pilosa
Castilleja pruinosa
Castilleja puberula
Castilleja pulchella
Castilleja purpurea
Castilleja raupii
Castilleja rhexiifolia
Castilleja rigida
Castilleja rubicundula
Castilleja rupicola
Castilleja scabrida
Castilleja septentrionalis
Castilleja sessiliflora
Castilleja subinclusa
Castilleja suksdorfii
Castilleja sulphurea
Castilleja tenuis
Castilleja thompsonii
Castilleja tomentosa
Castilleja unalaschcensis
Castilleja versicolor
Castilleja yukonis

Last updated:05 Jul 2020