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Family: pteridaceae

General resources

Species of Cheilanthes

Cheilanthes hybrids and unidentified species
Cheilanthes aemula
Cheilanthes alabamensis
Cheilanthes argentea
Cheilanthes bonariensis
Cheilanthes chusana
Cheilanthes clevelandii
Cheilanthes cooperae
Cheilanthes covillei
Cheilanthes distans
Cheilanthes eatonii
Cheilanthes eckloniana
Cheilanthes farinosa
Cheilanthes feei
Cheilanthes fendleri
Cheilanthes gracillima
Cheilanthes hirta
Cheilanthes horridula
Cheilanthes intertexta
Cheilanthes karmeri
Cheilanthes lanosa
Cheilanthes lasiophylla
Cheilanthes lendigera
Cheilanthes leucopoda
Cheilanthes lindheimeri
Cheilanthes microphylla
Cheilanthes myriophylla
Cheilanthes newberryi
Cheilanthes parryi
Cheilanthes pringlei
Cheilanthes quadripinnata
Cheilanthes tomentosa
Cheilanthes villosa
Cheilanthes viridis
Cheilanthes viscida
Cheilanthes wootonii
Cheilanthes wrightii
Cheilanthes yavapensis

Last updated:18 Jun 2022