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Family: ranunculaceae

General resources

Species of Clematis

Clematis hybrids and unidentified species
Clematis acuminata
Clematis addisonii
Clematis aethusifolia
Clematis afoliata
Clematis akebioides
Clematis akoensis
Clematis albicoma
Clematis alpina
Clematis alternata
Clematis angustifolia
Clematis anshunensis
Clematis apiifolia
Clematis argentilucida
Clematis aristata
Clematis arizonica
Clematis armandii
Clematis × aromatica
Clematis australis
Clematis baldwinii
Clematis bigelovii
Clematis brachiata
Clematis brevicaudata
Clematis buchananiana
Clematis campaniflora
Clematis cartmanii
Clematis catesbyana
Clematis chiisanensis
Clematis chinensis
Clematis chrysocoma
Clematis cirrhosa
Clematis clarkeana
Clematis coactilis
Clematis columbiana
Clematis connata
Clematis crassifolia
Clematis crispa
Clematis × cylindrica
Clematis dasyandra
Clematis davidiana
Clematis delavayi
Clematis dioscoreifolia
Clematis × diversifolia
Clematis douglasii
Clematis drummondii
Clematis × durandii
Clematis elisabethae-carolae
Clematis × eriostemon
Clematis fargesii
Clematis fargesioides
Clematis fasciculiflora
Clematis finetiana
Clematis flammula
Clematis florida
Clematis formosana
Clematis forsteri
Clematis fremontii
Clematis fruticosa
Clematis fusca
Clematis gentianoides
Clematis glabrifolia
Clematis glauca
Clematis glaucophylla
Clematis glycinoides
Clematis gouriana
Clematis gracilifolia
Clematis grata
Clematis gratopsis
Clematis henryi
Clematis heracleifolia
Clematis hexapetala
Clematis hirsutissima
Clematis hybrida
Clematis ianthina
Clematis integrifolia
Clematis intricata
Clematis ispahanica
Clematis × jackmanii
Clematis japonica
Clematis × jouiniana
Clematis kirilowii
Clematis koreana
Clematis ladakhiana
Clematis lanuginosa
Clematis lasiandra
Clematis lasiantha
Clematis leschenaultiana
Clematis ligusticifolia
Clematis luxurians
Clematis macropetala
Clematis macrostachys
Clematis mandshurica
Clematis marmoraria
Clematis meyeniana
Clematis microphylla
Clematis montana
Clematis morefieldii
Clematis morii
Clematis napaulensis
Clematis ningjingshanica
Clematis obscura
Clematis obvallata
Clematis occidentalis
Clematis ochotensis
Clematis ochroleuca
Clematis octopetala
Clematis orientalis
Clematis palmeri
Clematis paniculata
Clematis parviflora
Clematis patens
Clematis pauciflora
Clematis peterae
Clematis petriei
Clematis pinchuanensis
Clematis pitcheri
Clematis pogonandra
Clematis potaninii
Clematis pseudopogonandra
Clematis psilandra
Clematis pubescens
Clematis ranunculoides
Clematis recta
Clematis rehderiana
Clematis repens
Clematis reticulata
Clematis rhodocarpa
Clematis scottii
Clematis serratifolia
Clematis sibirica
Clematis socialis
Clematis songarica
Clematis speciosa
Clematis spooneri
Clematis stans
Clematis tangutica
Clematis tashiroi
Clematis tenuiloba
Clematis terniflora
Clematis ternifolia
Clematis texensis
Clematis tibetana
Clematis tongluensis
Clematis tosaensis
Clematis × triternata
Clematis tubulosa
Clematis turkestanica
Clematis uncinata
Clematis urophylla
Clematis venusta
Clematis vernayi
Clematis versicolor
Clematis vinacea
Clematis viorna
Clematis virginiana
Clematis vitalba
Clematis viticaulis
Clematis viticella
Clematis wenshanensis

Links with information about various species of Clematis

Last updated:29 Jun 2022