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Family: crassulaceae

General resources

  • Wikipedia. Online encyclopedia entry (if defined).
  • GRIN. Taxonomical details, with common names, distribution, and synonyms.

Species of Crassula

Crassula hybrids and unidentified species
Crassula acinaciformis
Crassula alba
Crassula alpestris
Crassula anomala
Crassula aquatica
Crassula arborescens
Crassula argentea
Crassula atropurpurea
Crassula ausensis
Crassula barbata
Crassula barklyi
Crassula capitella
Crassula coccinea
Crassula columella
Crassula columnaris
Crassula compacta
Crassula congesta
Crassula connata
Crassula corallina
Crassula corymbulosa
Crassula cotyledonis
Crassula cultrata
Crassula dejecta
Crassula deltoidea
Crassula dentata
Crassula dependens
Crassula elegans
Crassula ericoides
Crassula erosula
Crassula exilis
Crassula expansa
Crassula falcata
Crassula fascicularis
Crassula gemmifera
Crassula globularioides
Crassula helmsii
Crassula hemisphaerica
Crassula heterotricha
Crassula hirtipes
Crassula lanuginosa
Crassula longipes
Crassula lycopodioides
Crassula mesembrianthemopsis
Crassula mesembryanthemoides
Crassula milfordiae
Crassula multicava
Crassula multiceps
Crassula muscosa
Crassula natalensis
Crassula nemorosa
Crassula nudicaulis
Crassula obovata
Crassula orbicularis
Crassula ovata
Crassula pellucida
Crassula perfoliata
Crassula perforata
Crassula phyturus
Crassula picturata
Crassula plegmatoides
Crassula portulaceae
Crassula pubescens
Crassula punctulata
Crassula rogersii
Crassula rubricaulis
Crassula rupestris
Crassula sarcocaulis
Crassula sarmentosa
Crassula schimperi
Crassula schmidtii
Crassula sediodes
Crassula sericea
Crassula setulosa
Crassula socialis
Crassula spathulata
Crassula streyi
Crassula susannae
Crassula tecta
Crassula tetragona
Crassula vaginata
Crassula volkensii

Last updated:06 Jul 2020