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Family: lamiaceae

General resources

  • Wikipedia. Online encyclopedia entry (if defined).
  • GRIN. Taxonomical details, with common names, distribution, and synonyms.

Species of Dracocephalum

Dracocephalum argunense
Dracocephalum austriacum
Dracocephalum bipinnatum
Dracocephalum botryoides
Dracocephalum breviflorum
Dracocephalum bullatum
Dracocephalum calophyllum
Dracocephalum canescens
Dracocephalum discolor
Dracocephalum forrestii
Dracocephalum fragile
Dracocephalum fruticulosum
Dracocephalum govanianum
Dracocephalum grandiflorum
Dracocephalum hemsleyanum
Dracocephalum heterophyllum
Dracocephalum hoboksarensis
Dracocephalum hookeri
Dracocephalum imberbe
Dracocephalum imbricatum
Dracocephalum integrifolium
Dracocephalum isabellae
Dracocephalum jacutense
Dracocephalum junatovii
Dracocephalum komarovii
Dracocephalum kotschyi
Dracocephalum moldavica
Dracocephalum multicaule
Dracocephalum nodulosum
Dracocephalum nutans
Dracocephalum origanoides
Dracocephalum palmatoides
Dracocephalum palmatum
Dracocephalum parviflorum
Dracocephalum paulsenii
Dracocephalum peregrinum
Dracocephalum pinnatum
Dracocephalum popovii
Dracocephalum propinquum
Dracocephalum purdomii
Dracocephalum renati
Dracocephalum rigidulum
Dracocephalum rupestre
Dracocephalum ruyschiana
Dracocephalum speciosum
Dracocephalum spinulosum
Dracocephalum stamineum
Dracocephalum taliense
Dracocephalum tanguticum
Dracocephalum thymiflorum
Dracocephalum velutinum
Dracocephalum wallichianum
Dracocephalum wallichii
Dracocephalum wendelboi

Last updated:22 Feb 2015