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Family: ericaceae

General resources

  • Wikipedia. Online encyclopedia entry (if defined).
  • GRIN. Taxonomical details, with common names, distribution, and synonyms.

Species of Erica

Erica hybrids and unidentified species
Erica abietina
Erica accommodata
Erica aestiva
Erica affinis
Erica agglutinans
Erica aghillana
Erica albospicata
Erica algida
Erica annectens
Erica arborea
Erica argyraea
Erica atherstonei
Erica auriculata
Erica australis
Erica azaleaefolia
Erica baccans
Erica bakeri
Erica banksia
Erica bauera
Erica baueri
Erica blenna
Erica bocquetii
Erica bolusanthus
Erica brachialis
Erica brachycentra
Erica brachysepala
Erica brownii
Erica caffra
Erica cameronii
Erica campanularis
Erica canaliculata
Erica carnea
Erica caterviflora
Erica cerinthoides
Erica cernua
Erica chionophila
Erica chlorosepala
Erica chrysocodon
Erica ciliaris
Erica cinerea
Erica clavisepala
Erica coarctata
Erica coccinea
Erica croceovirens
Erica cruenta
Erica curviflora
Erica curvirostris
Erica cymosa
Erica × darleyensis
Erica denticulata
Erica depressa
Erica diaphana
Erica discolor
Erica distorta
Erica empetrina
Erica erigena
Erica fairii
Erica fastigiata
Erica fimbriata
Erica flavicoma
Erica formosa
Erica frigida
Erica glandulosa
Erica glauca
Erica glomiflora
Erica gracilis
Erica grandiflora
Erica × griffithsii
Erica guthriei
Erica haematocodon
Erica halicacaba
Erica herbacea
Erica heterophylla
Erica × hiemalis
Erica hirtiflora
Erica humifusa
Erica inordinata
Erica irregularis
Erica jasminiflora
Erica labialis
Erica laeta
Erica leucotrachela
Erica lowryensis
Erica lutea
Erica mackaiana
Erica maderensis
Erica maderi
Erica mammosa
Erica manipuliflora
Erica margaritacea
Erica marifolia
Erica mediterranea
Erica minutissima
Erica modesta
Erica nana
Erica natalensis
Erica nevillei
Erica nubigena
Erica oatesii
Erica odorata
Erica oxycoccifolia
Erica oxysepala
Erica pallens
Erica parvula
Erica patersonii
Erica perspicua
Erica peziza
Erica phillipsii
Erica physophylla
Erica pilosiflora
Erica piquetbergensis
Erica planifolia
Erica platycalyx
Erica plukenetii
Erica podophylla
Erica praecox
Erica × praegeri
Erica psittacina
Erica pubigera
Erica pulchelliflora
Erica pumila
Erica quadrangularis
Erica quadrisulcata
Erica recurvata
Erica regia
Erica rhopalantha
Erica rufescens
Erica savilea
Erica saxicola
Erica scabriuscula
Erica schlechteri
Erica scytophylla
Erica sessiliflora
Erica shannonii
Erica sicula
Erica similis
Erica sociorum
Erica sparsa
Erica sphaerocephala
Erica spiculifolia
Erica stenantha
Erica taxifolia
Erica tenuicaulis
Erica tetragona
Erica tetralix
Erica thunbergii
Erica tomentosa
Erica transparens
Erica triflora
Erica tubercularis
Erica turbiniflora
Erica turgida
Erica tysonii
Erica umbellata
Erica urna-viridis
Erica ustulescens
Erica vagans
Erica ventricosa
Erica venustiflora
Erica verticillata
Erica viscaria
Erica × watsonii
Erica woodii

Last updated:06 Jul 2020