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Family: amaryllidaceae

General resources

Species of Gethyllis

Gethyllis hybrids and unidentified species
Gethyllis afra
Gethyllis barkerae
Gethyllis britteniana
Gethyllis campanulata
Gethyllis ciliaris
Gethyllis grandiflora
Gethyllis hallii
Gethyllis heinzeana
Gethyllis lanuginosa
Gethyllis linearis
Gethyllis longistyla
Gethyllis marginata
Gethyllis namaquensis
Gethyllis oligophylla
Gethyllis oliverorum
Gethyllis roggeveldensis
Gethyllis setosa
Gethyllis spp
Gethyllis transkarooica
Gethyllis undulata
Gethyllis uteana
Gethyllis verrucosa
Gethyllis verticillata
Gethyllis villosa

Last updated:02 Jul 2022