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Family: iridaceae

General resources

  • Wikipedia. Online encyclopedia entry (if defined).
  • GRIN. Taxonomical details, with common names, distribution, and synonyms.

Species of Hebe

Hebe hybrids and unidentified species
Hebe albicans
Hebe allanii
Hebe amplexicaulis
Hebe annulata
Hebe armstrongii
Hebe astonii
Hebe × baby
Hebe barkeri
Hebe benthamii
Hebe × bertram
Hebe bishopiana
Hebe bollonsii
Hebe brachysiphon
Hebe breviracemosa
Hebe × brockiei
Hebe buchananii
Hebe buxifolia
Hebe × caledonia
Hebe canterburiensis
Hebe carnosula
Hebe chathamica
Hebe cheesemanii
Hebe ciliolata
Hebe coarctata
Hebe cockayniana
Hebe colensoi
Hebe corriganii
Hebe cupressoides
Hebe decumbens
Hebe dieffenbachii
Hebe diosmifolia
Hebe divaricata
Hebe × edinensis
Hebe elliptica
Hebe epacridea
Hebe evenosa
Hebe × fairfieldii
Hebe formosa
Hebe × franjo
Hebe fruticeti
Hebe gibbsii
Hebe glaucophylla
Hebe gracillima
Hebe haastii
Hebe hectorii
Hebe hulkeana
Hebe imbricata
Hebe insularis
Hebe × jasper
Hebe laingii
Hebe lavaudiana
Hebe leiophylla
Hebe ligustrifolia
Hebe × loganioides
Hebe lycopodioides
Hebe × macewanii
Hebe macrantha
Hebe macrocarpa
Hebe masoniae
Hebe × morning
Hebe obtusata
Hebe ochracea
Hebe odora
Hebe × pagei
Hebe pareora
Hebe parviflora
Hebe pauciflora
Hebe pauciramosa
Hebe perfoliata
Hebe × petras
Hebe petriei
Hebe pimeleoides
Hebe pinguifolia
Hebe poppelwellii
Hebe propinqua
Hebe rakaiensis
Hebe ramosissima
Hebe raoulii
Hebe recurva
Hebe rigidula
Hebe rupicola
Hebe salicifolia
Hebe salicornioides
Hebe speciosa
Hebe stenophylla
Hebe stricta
Hebe subalpina
Hebe subsimilis
Hebe tetragona
Hebe tetrasticha
Hebe × tiny
Hebe topiaria
Hebe townsonii
Hebe traversii
Hebe treadwellii
Hebe urvilleana
Hebe venustula
Hebe vernicosa
Hebe × walter
Hebe × wingletye
Hebe × youngii

Last updated:22 Feb 2015