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Family: fabaceae

General resources

  • Wikipedia. Online encyclopedia entry (if defined).
  • GRIN. Taxonomical details, with common names, distribution, and synonyms.

Species of Hedysarum

Hedysarum algidum
Hedysarum alpinum
Hedysarum austrosibiricum
Hedysarum bordzilovskyi
Hedysarum boreale
Hedysarum boutignyanum
Hedysarum brachypterum
Hedysarum brahuicum
Hedysarum cachemirianum
Hedysarum candidissimum
Hedysarum candidum
Hedysarum cappadocicum
Hedysarum chaiyrakanicum
Hedysarum cisbaicalense
Hedysarum consanguineum
Hedysarum coronarium
Hedysarum cretaceum
Hedysarum cyprium
Hedysarum daghestanicum
Hedysarum dshambulicum
Hedysarum elegans
Hedysarum erythroleucum
Hedysarum ferganense
Hedysarum flavescens
Hedysarum formosum
Hedysarum gmelinii
Hedysarum grandiflorum
Hedysarum iliense
Hedysarum inundatum
Hedysarum kirghisorum
Hedysarum krylovii
Hedysarum kumaonense
Hedysarum lehmannianum
Hedysarum limitaneum
Hedysarum micropterum
Hedysarum nagarzense
Hedysarum occidentale
Hedysarum papillosum
Hedysarum pestalozzae
Hedysarum petrovii
Hedysarum sangilense
Hedysarum setosum
Hedysarum sikkimense
Hedysarum splendens
Hedysarum sulphurescens
Hedysarum tanguticum
Hedysarum tauricum
Hedysarum tibeticum
Hedysarum turczaninovii
Hedysarum ucrainicum
Hedysarum varium
Hedysarum wrightianum
Hedysarum xizangensis
Hedysarum zundukii

Last updated:06 Jul 2017