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Family: amaryllidaceae

General resources

Species of Hippeastrum

Hippeastrum hybrids and unidentified species
Hippeastrum × acramannii
Hippeastrum aglaiae
Hippeastrum amarylis
Hippeastrum ambiguum
Hippeastrum angustifolium
Hippeastrum anzaldoi
Hippeastrum argentinum
Hippeastrum aulicum
Hippeastrum blossfeldiae
Hippeastrum blumenavium
Hippeastrum breviflorum
Hippeastrum bukasovii
Hippeastrum calyptratum
Hippeastrum caupolicanense
Hippeastrum correiense
Hippeastrum curitibanum
Hippeastrum cybister
Hippeastrum elegans
Hippeastrum euryphylla
Hippeastrum evansiae
Hippeastrum ferreyrae
Hippeastrum glaucescens
Hippeastrum guarapuavicum
Hippeastrum harrisonii
Hippeastrum idimae
Hippeastrum iguazuanum
Hippeastrum intiflorum
Hippeastrum × johnsonii
Hippeastrum leonardii
Hippeastrum macbridei
Hippeastrum machupijchensis
Hippeastrum mandonii
Hippeastrum marumbiense
Hippeastrum miniatum
Hippeastrum nelsonii
Hippeastrum neoleopoldtii
Hippeastrum neopardinum
Hippeastrum pampeanum
Hippeastrum papilio
Hippeastrum parodii
Hippeastrum petiolatum
Hippeastrum psittacinum
Hippeastrum puniceum
Hippeastrum ramboi
Hippeastrum reginae
Hippeastrum reticulatum
Hippeastrum santacatarina
Hippeastrum solandriflorum
Hippeastrum striatum
Hippeastrum stylosum
Hippeastrum teyucuarense
Hippeastrum vittatum
Hippeastrum yungacense

Links with information about various species of Hippeastrum

Last updated:14 Jul 2022