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Family: fabaceae

General resources

Species of Indigofera

Indigofera hybrids and unidentified species
Indigofera alpina
Indigofera amblyantha
Indigofera australis
Indigofera balfouriana
Indigofera bifrons
Indigofera campestris
Indigofera caroliniana
Indigofera cylindracea
Indigofera decora
Indigofera dielsiana
Indigofera dimidiata
Indigofera dosua
Indigofera eriocarpa
Indigofera flabellata
Indigofera foliosa
Indigofera frutescens
Indigofera glomerata
Indigofera heterantha
Indigofera himalayensis
Indigofera hirsuta
Indigofera howellii
Indigofera incarnata
Indigofera jucunda
Indigofera kirilowii
Indigofera langebergensis
Indigofera leptocarpa
Indigofera lindheimeriana
Indigofera lyalli
Indigofera miniata
Indigofera mollis
Indigofera monostachya
Indigofera natalensis
Indigofera nigromontana
Indigofera oxycarpa
Indigofera pendula
Indigofera pseudotinctoria
Indigofera sphaerocarpa
Indigofera suffruticosa
Indigofera tinctoria
Indigofera woodii

Last updated:04 Jul 2022