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Family: hyacinthaceae

General resources

  • Wikipedia. Online encyclopedia entry (if defined).
  • GRIN. Taxonomical details, with common names, distribution, and synonyms.

Species of Lachenalia

Lachenalia alba
Lachenalia algoensis
Lachenalia aloides
Lachenalia angelica
Lachenalia anguinea
Lachenalia arbuthnotiae
Lachenalia attenuata
Lachenalia bachmannii
Lachenalia bolusii
Lachenalia bulbifera
Lachenalia campanulata
Lachenalia capensis
Lachenalia carnosa
Lachenalia comptonii
Lachenalia congesta
Lachenalia contaminata
Lachenalia corymbosa
Lachenalia doleritica
Lachenalia elegans
Lachenalia ensifolia
Lachenalia fistulosa
Lachenalia framesii
Lachenalia gillettii
Lachenalia haarlemensis
Lachenalia hirta
Lachenalia isopetala
Lachenalia juncifolia
Lachenalia kliprandensis
Lachenalia laxa
Lachenalia liliiflora
Lachenalia longibracteata
Lachenalia lutea
Lachenalia lutzeyeri
Lachenalia mathewsii
Lachenalia mediana
Lachenalia moniliformis
Lachenalia multifolia
Lachenalia mutabilis
Lachenalia namaquensis
Lachenalia namibiensis
Lachenalia neilii
Lachenalia nervosa
Lachenalia obscura
Lachenalia orchioides
Lachenalia orthopetala
Lachenalia pallida
Lachenalia patula
Lachenalia peersii
Lachenalia polyphylla
Lachenalia purpureo-caerulea
Lachenalia pusilla
Lachenalia pustulata
Lachenalia pygmaea
Lachenalia reflexa
Lachenalia rosea
Lachenalia rubida
Lachenalia salteri
Lachenalia sargeantii
Lachenalia schelpei
Lachenalia splendida
Lachenalia thomasiae
Lachenalia trichophylla
Lachenalia undulata
Lachenalia unicolor
Lachenalia unifolia
Lachenalia valeriae
Lachenalia ventricosa
Lachenalia violacea
Lachenalia viridiflora
Lachenalia youngii
Lachenalia zebrina
Lachenalia zeyheri

Last updated:06 Jul 2020