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Family: liliaceae

General resources

  • Wikipedia. Online encyclopedia entry (if defined).
  • GRIN. Taxonomical details, with common names, distribution, and synonyms.

Species of Lilium

Lilium hybrids and unidentified species
Lilium albanicum
Lilium alexandrae
Lilium amabile
Lilium amoenum
Lilium × asiatica
Lilium auratum
Lilium bakerianum
Lilium bolanderi
Lilium bosnaicum
Lilium brownii
Lilium bulbiferum
Lilium buschianum
Lilium callosum
Lilium canadense
Lilium candidum
Lilium carniolicum
Lilium catesbaei
Lilium centifolium
Lilium cernuum
Lilium chalcedonicum
Lilium ciliatum
Lilium columbianum
Lilium concolor
Lilium cordatum
Lilium cordifolium
Lilium × dalhansonii
Lilium dauricum
Lilium davidii
Lilium distichum
Lilium duchartrei
Lilium fargesii
Lilium formosanum
Lilium grayi
Lilium hansonii
Lilium henrici
Lilium henryi
Lilium humboldtii
Lilium iridollae
Lilium japonicum
Lilium kelleyanum
Lilium kelloggii
Lilium kesselringianum
Lilium lancifolium
Lilium lankongense
Lilium ledebourii
Lilium leichtlinii
Lilium leucanthum
Lilium lijiangense
Lilium longiflorum
Lilium longifolium
Lilium lophophorum
Lilium mackliniae
Lilium maculatum
Lilium majoense
Lilium × marhan
Lilium maritimum
Lilium martagon
Lilium medeoloides
Lilium michauxii
Lilium michiganense
Lilium monadelphum
Lilium nanum
Lilium nepalense
Lilium nobilissimum
Lilium occidentale
Lilium ocellatum
Lilium orientale
Lilium oxypetalum
Lilium papilliferum
Lilium paradoxum
Lilium pardalinum
Lilium parryi
Lilium parvum
Lilium pensylvanicum
Lilium philadelphicum
Lilium philippinense
Lilium pitkinense
Lilium poilanei
Lilium polyphyllum
Lilium pomponium
Lilium primulinum
Lilium pumilum
Lilium pyrenaicum
Lilium pyrophilum
Lilium regale
Lilium rhodopaeum
Lilium rosthornii
Lilium rubellum
Lilium rubescens
Lilium sachalinense
Lilium sargentiae
Lilium sherriffiae
Lilium souliei
Lilium speciosum
Lilium sulphureum
Lilium superbum
Lilium szovitsianum
Lilium taliense
Lilium tenuifolium
Lilium tigrinum
Lilium tsingtauense
Lilium vollmeri
Lilium wallichianum
Lilium wardii
Lilium washingtonianum
Lilium wenshanense
Lilium wigginsii
Lilium xanthellum
Lilium yapingense

Links with information about various species of Lilium

Last updated:04 Jul 2020