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Family: apiaceae

General resources

  • Wikipedia. Online encyclopedia entry (if defined).
  • GRIN. Taxonomical details, with common names, distribution, and synonyms.

Species of Lomatium

Lomatium ambiguum
Lomatium bradshawii
Lomatium brandegei
Lomatium canbyi
Lomatium caruifolium
Lomatium ciliolatum
Lomatium columbianum
Lomatium congdonii
Lomatium cous
Lomatium cusickii
Lomatium cuspidatum
Lomatium dasycarpum
Lomatium dissectum
Lomatium donnellii
Lomatium eastwoodiae
Lomatium engelmannii
Lomatium foeniculaceum
Lomatium geyeri
Lomatium gormanii
Lomatium grayi
Lomatium greenmanii
Lomatium hallii
Lomatium hendersonii
Lomatium juniperinum
Lomatium laevigatum
Lomatium latilobum
Lomatium lucidum
Lomatium macrocarpum
Lomatium martindalei
Lomatium minimum
Lomatium minus
Lomatium nevadense
Lomatium nudicaule
Lomatium nuttallii
Lomatium oreganum
Lomatium orientale
Lomatium parryi
Lomatium piperi
Lomatium roseanum
Lomatium serpentinum
Lomatium shevockii
Lomatium stebbinsii
Lomatium suksdorfii
Lomatium thompsonii
Lomatium triternatum
Lomatium tuberosum
Lomatium utriculatum

Last updated:26 May 2017