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Family: caprifoliaceae

General resources

Species of Lonicera

Lonicera × hybrids and unidentified species
Lonicera acuminata
Lonicera albiflora
Lonicera alpigena
Lonicera alseuosmoides
Lonicera altaica
Lonicera × americana
Lonicera angustifolia
Lonicera arizonica
Lonicera aucheri
Lonicera × bella
Lonicera × brownii
Lonicera caerulea
Lonicera canadensis
Lonicera caprifolium
Lonicera caucasica
Lonicera chrysantha
Lonicera ciliosa
Lonicera conjugialis
Lonicera crassifolia
Lonicera deflexicalyx
Lonicera demissa
Lonicera dioica
Lonicera discolor
Lonicera elisae
Lonicera emphyllocalyx
Lonicera etrusca
Lonicera ferdinandii
Lonicera flava
Lonicera fragrantissima
Lonicera giraldii
Lonicera gracilipes
Lonicera harae
Lonicera × heckrottii
Lonicera hemsleyana
Lonicera henryi
Lonicera hildebrandiana
Lonicera hirsuta
Lonicera hispida
Lonicera hispidula
Lonicera humilis
Lonicera hypoleuca
Lonicera iberica
Lonicera interrupta
Lonicera involucrata
Lonicera × italica
Lonicera japonica
Lonicera kamtschatica
Lonicera korolkowii
Lonicera lanata
Lonicera lanceolata
Lonicera ligustrina
Lonicera litangensis
Lonicera maackii
Lonicera macrantha
Lonicera maximowiczii
Lonicera microphylla
Lonicera minuta
Lonicera modesta
Lonicera morrowii
Lonicera myrtillus
Lonicera nervosa
Lonicera nitida
Lonicera nummulariifolia
Lonicera oblongifolia
Lonicera obovata
Lonicera oreodoxa
Lonicera oresbia
Lonicera pallasii
Lonicera periclymenum
Lonicera pileata
Lonicera pilosa
Lonicera porphyrantha
Lonicera praeflorens
Lonicera prostrata
Lonicera purpurascens
Lonicera × purpusii
Lonicera quinquelocularis
Lonicera regeliana
Lonicera reticulata
Lonicera rupicola
Lonicera ruprechtiana
Lonicera semenovii
Lonicera sempervirens
Lonicera serreana
Lonicera setifera
Lonicera similis
Lonicera spinosa
Lonicera standishii
Lonicera stenantha
Lonicera steveniana
Lonicera subaequalis
Lonicera subspicata
Lonicera tangutica
Lonicera tatarica
Lonicera × tellmanniana
Lonicera tragophylla
Lonicera trichosantha
Lonicera utahensis
Lonicera vesicaria
Lonicera vidalii
Lonicera villosa
Lonicera webbiana
Lonicera xylosteum
Lonicera yunnanensis

Links with information about various species of Lonicera

Last updated:26 Jun 2022