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Family: hydrangeaceae

General resources

Species of Philadelphus

Philadelphus hybrids and unidentified species
Philadelphus argenteus
Philadelphus argyrocalyx
Philadelphus californicus
Philadelphus calvescens
Philadelphus confusus
Philadelphus coronarius
Philadelphus crinitus
Philadelphus delavayi
Philadelphus ernestii
Philadelphus floridus
Philadelphus gattingeri
Philadelphus henryi
Philadelphus hirsutus
Philadelphus hitchcockianus
Philadelphus inodorus
Philadelphus × lemoinei
Philadelphus lewisii
Philadelphus madrensis
Philadelphus mearnsii
Philadelphus mexicanus
Philadelphus microphyllus
Philadelphus oreganus
Philadelphus palmeri
Philadelphus pekinensis
Philadelphus pubescens
Philadelphus pumilus
Philadelphus purpurascens
Philadelphus satsumi
Philadelphus schrenkii
Philadelphus sericanthus
Philadelphus serpyllifolius
Philadelphus sharpianus
Philadelphus subcanus
Philadelphus texensis
Philadelphus tomentosus
Philadelphus trichothecus
Philadelphus triflorus
Philadelphus × virginalis
Philadelphus wootonii
Philadelphus zelleri
Philadelphus zhejiangensis

Last updated:18 Jun 2022