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Family: pinaceae

General resources

Species of Pinus

Pinus × hybrids and unidentified species
Pinus albicaulis
Pinus aristata
Pinus arizonica
Pinus armandii
Pinus attenuata
Pinus ayacahuite
Pinus balfouriana
Pinus banksiana
Pinus brutia
Pinus bungeana
Pinus californica
Pinus caribaea
Pinus cembra
Pinus cembroides
Pinus clausa
Pinus contorta
Pinus coulteri
Pinus densiflora
Pinus × densithunbergii
Pinus discolor
Pinus echinata
Pinus edulis
Pinus eldarica
Pinus elliottii
Pinus engelmannii
Pinus fenzeliana
Pinus flexilis
Pinus gerardiana
Pinus glabra
Pinus halepensis
Pinus heldreichii
Pinus jeffreyi
Pinus khasya
Pinus koraiensis
Pinus kwangtungensis
Pinus lambertiana
Pinus leiophylla
Pinus leucodermis
Pinus longaeva
Pinus monophylla
Pinus montezumae
Pinus monticola
Pinus morrisonicola
Pinus mugo
Pinus muricata
Pinus murrayana
Pinus nigra
Pinus palustris
Pinus parviflora
Pinus patula
Pinus peuce
Pinus pinaster
Pinus pinea
Pinus ponderosa
Pinus pumila
Pinus pungens
Pinus quadrifolia
Pinus radiata
Pinus remorata
Pinus remota
Pinus resinosa
Pinus rigida
Pinus × rigitaeda
Pinus roxburghii
Pinus sabiniana
Pinus serotina
Pinus sibirica
Pinus strobiformis
Pinus strobus
Pinus sylvestris
Pinus tabuliformis
Pinus taeda
Pinus taiwanensis
Pinus thunbergiana
Pinus thunbergii
Pinus torreyana
Pinus virginiana
Pinus wallichiana
Pinus wangii
Pinus washoensis
Pinus yunnanensis

Last updated:10 Jul 2022