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Family: grossulariaceae

General resources

Species of Ribes

Ribes hybrids and unidentified species
Ribes acerifolium
Ribes alpestre
Ribes alpinum
Ribes amarum
Ribes americanum
Ribes aureum
Ribes binominatum
Ribes bracteosum
Ribes californicum
Ribes canthariforme
Ribes cereum
Ribes coloradense
Ribes cruentum
Ribes cucullatum
Ribes curvatum
Ribes cynosbati
Ribes davidii
Ribes diacanthum
Ribes divaricatum
Ribes echinellum
Ribes erythrocarpum
Ribes fasciculatum
Ribes formosanum
Ribes glabricalycinum
Ribes glandulosum
Ribes × gordonianum
Ribes hesperium
Ribes himalense
Ribes hirtellum
Ribes hudsonianum
Ribes hybrid
Ribes indecorum
Ribes inerme
Ribes japonicum
Ribes kialanum
Ribes komarovii
Ribes laciniatum
Ribes lacustre
Ribes lasianthum
Ribes laurifolium
Ribes laxiflorum
Ribes leptanthum
Ribes lobbii
Ribes longiracemosum
Ribes malvaceum
Ribes marshallii
Ribes maximowiczii
Ribes menziesii
Ribes mescalerium
Ribes meyeri
Ribes missouriense
Ribes montigenum
Ribes moupinense
Ribes nevadense
Ribes nigrum
Ribes niveum
Ribes odoratum
Ribes orientale
Ribes oxyacanthoides
Ribes pinetorum
Ribes quercetorum
Ribes roezlii
Ribes rotundifolium
Ribes rubrum
Ribes sachalinense
Ribes sanguineum
Ribes sardoum
Ribes sativum
Ribes sericeum
Ribes sinanense
Ribes speciosum
Ribes spicatum
Ribes stenocarpum
Ribes thacherianum
Ribes triste
Ribes tularense
Ribes uva-crispa
Ribes velutinum
Ribes viburnifolium
Ribes victoris
Ribes viscosissimum
Ribes watsonianum
Ribes wolfii

Last updated:18 Jun 2022