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Family: rosaceae

General resources

  • Wikipedia. Online encyclopedia entry (if defined).
  • GRIN. Taxonomical details, with common names, distribution, and synonyms.

Species of Rosa

Rosa hybrids and unidentified species
Rosa achburensis
Rosa acicularis
Rosa agrestis
Rosa × alba
Rosa alberti
Rosa amblyotis
Rosa anemoniflora
Rosa arkansana
Rosa arvensis
Rosa banksiae
Rosa beggeriana
Rosa blanda
Rosa brunonii
Rosa californica
Rosa canina
Rosa carolina
Rosa carpatica
Rosa cathayensis
Rosa caudata
Rosa × centifolia
Rosa chinensis
Rosa corymbifera
Rosa dahurica
Rosa damascena
Rosa davurica
Rosa ecae
Rosa eglanteria
Rosa elegantula
Rosa farreri
Rosa fedtschenkoana
Rosa filipes
Rosa floribunda
Rosa foetida
Rosa foliolosa
Rosa fujisanensis
Rosa gallica
Rosa gigantea
Rosa giraldii
Rosa glauca
Rosa glomerata
Rosa gymnocarpa
Rosa helenae
Rosa henryi
Rosa hirtula
Rosa holodonta
Rosa hugonis
Rosa huntica
Rosa iliensis
Rosa indica
Rosa kamtschatica
Rosa karakalensis
Rosa karpatica
Rosa laevigata
Rosa laxa
Rosa luciae
Rosa macrophylla
Rosa marettii
Rosa maximowicziana
Rosa mekeliana
Rosa minutifolia
Rosa mollis
Rosa moschata
Rosa moyesii
Rosa multibracteata
Rosa multiflora
Rosa nitida
Rosa nutkana
Rosa × odorata
Rosa omeiensis
Rosa ovczinnikovii
Rosa palustris
Rosa pendulina
Rosa persica
Rosa pimpinellifolia
Rosa pinetorum
Rosa pisocarpa
Rosa polyantha
Rosa prattii
Rosa primula
Rosa pulverulenta
Rosa × rehderiana
Rosa roxburghii
Rosa rubiginosa
Rosa rubrifolia
Rosa rubus
Rosa rugosa
Rosa sempervirens
Rosa sericea
Rosa setigera
Rosa setipoda
Rosa silenidiflora
Rosa soulieana
Rosa spinosissima
Rosa spithamea
Rosa stellata
Rosa sweginzowii
Rosa transmorrisonensis
Rosa villosa
Rosa virginiana
Rosa viridiflora
Rosa webbiana
Rosa wichuraiana
Rosa wichurana
Rosa willdenowii
Rosa woodsii
Rosa xanthina

Last updated:06 Jul 2020