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Family: lamiaceae

General resources

  • Wikipedia. Online encyclopedia entry (if defined).
  • GRIN. Taxonomical details, with common names, distribution, and synonyms.

Species of Satureja

Satureja acropolitana
Satureja aintabensis
Satureja alpina
Satureja amani
Satureja arkansana
Satureja barosma
Satureja biflora
Satureja boissieri
Satureja chandleri
Satureja coerulea
Satureja cordata
Satureja corsica
Satureja cremnophila
Satureja cretica
Satureja cristata
Satureja croatica
Satureja debilis
Satureja douglasii
Satureja euosma
Satureja flacca
Satureja graeca
Satureja grandiflora
Satureja hortensis
Satureja icarica
Satureja inodora
Satureja insularis
Satureja kerneri
Satureja kochii
Satureja libanotica
Satureja macrantha
Satureja microphylla
Satureja mimuloides
Satureja montana
Satureja multiflora
Satureja myrtifolia
Satureja nervosa
Satureja nummulariifolia
Satureja pamphylica
Satureja parnassica
Satureja repens
Satureja reptans
Satureja rumelica
Satureja sahendica
Satureja salzmannii
Satureja shepardii
Satureja spicata
Satureja spicigera
Satureja spinosa
Satureja suaveolens
Satureja subspicata
Satureja taygetea
Satureja thymbra
Satureja thymifolia

Last updated:26 May 2017