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Family: asteraceae

General resources

  • Wikipedia. Online encyclopedia entry (if defined).
  • GRIN. Taxonomical details, with common names, distribution, and synonyms.

Species of Saussurea

Saussurea abnormis
Saussurea alata
Saussurea albescens
Saussurea alpina
Saussurea americana
Saussurea andersonii
Saussurea andryaloides
Saussurea angustifolia
Saussurea apus
Saussurea arenaria
Saussurea aster
Saussurea atkinsoni
Saussurea bella
Saussurea blanda
Saussurea brachylepis
Saussurea bracteata
Saussurea calcicola
Saussurea cana
Saussurea ceratocarpa
Saussurea ceterachifolia
Saussurea chinnampoensis
Saussurea chionophylla
Saussurea cochlearifolia
Saussurea colpodes
Saussurea columnaris
Saussurea congesta
Saussurea coriolepis
Saussurea costus
Saussurea czichaczevii
Saussurea densa
Saussurea depsangensis
Saussurea discolor
Saussurea eriostemon
Saussurea fistulosa
Saussurea flavovirens
Saussurea foliosa
Saussurea glacialis
Saussurea gnaphalodes
Saussurea gossypiphora
Saussurea gracilis
Saussurea graminifolia
Saussurea grandiflora
Saussurea gyacaensis
Saussurea hieracioides
Saussurea hookeri
Saussurea hypsipeta
Saussurea irregularis
Saussurea jacea
Saussurea jadrinzevii
Saussurea japonica
Saussurea kansuensis
Saussurea kaschgarica
Saussurea katochaete
Saussurea kingii
Saussurea lacostei
Saussurea laniceps
Saussurea larionowii
Saussurea lavrenkoana
Saussurea leontodontoides
Saussurea leptolepis
Saussurea leucoma
Saussurea leucophylla
Saussurea lhunzhubensis
Saussurea limprichtii
Saussurea loriformis
Saussurea maximowiczii
Saussurea medusa
Saussurea minuta
Saussurea mucronulata
Saussurea neopulchella
Saussurea neoserrata
Saussurea nepalensis
Saussurea nidularis
Saussurea nimborum
Saussurea nivea
Saussurea nuda
Saussurea nupuripoensis
Saussurea nyalamensis
Saussurea ovata
Saussurea ovatifolia
Saussurea paleacea
Saussurea paxiana
Saussurea pectinata
Saussurea pennata
Saussurea petrovii
Saussurea poljakowii
Saussurea polypodioides
Saussurea polystichoides
Saussurea poochlamys
Saussurea pricei
Saussurea przewalskii
Saussurea pseudoangustifolia
Saussurea pseudosquarrosa
Saussurea pubescens
Saussurea pubifolia
Saussurea pulchella
Saussurea pumila
Saussurea purpurascens
Saussurea pygmaea
Saussurea rockii
Saussurea romuleifolia
Saussurea runcinata
Saussurea sajanensis
Saussurea salwinensis
Saussurea sericea
Saussurea simpsoniana
Saussurea spathulifolia
Saussurea squarrosa
Saussurea stella
Saussurea stoliczkae
Saussurea sughoo
Saussurea tangutica
Saussurea taraxacifolia
Saussurea thomsonii
Saussurea tibetica
Saussurea tilesii
Saussurea tomentosa
Saussurea tridactyla
Saussurea turgaiensis
Saussurea uniflora
Saussurea weberi
Saussurea wellbyi
Saussurea wernerioides
Saussurea woodiana
Saussurea yanagisawae
Saussurea yunnanensis

Last updated:06 Jul 2020