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Family: lamiaceae

General resources

Species of Scutellaria

Scutellaria alabamensis
Scutellaria albida
Scutellaria alpina
Scutellaria altaica
Scutellaria altamaha
Scutellaria altissima
Scutellaria amabilis
Scutellaria amoena
Scutellaria amphichlora
Scutellaria angustifolia
Scutellaria antirrhinoides
Scutellaria arenicola
Scutellaria arguta
Scutellaria austinae
Scutellaria baicalensis
Scutellaria balearica
Scutellaria barbata
Scutellaria bolanderi
Scutellaria brachyspica
Scutellaria brevibracteata
Scutellaria brittonii
Scutellaria bushii
Scutellaria californica
Scutellaria cardiophylla
Scutellaria chungtienensis
Scutellaria costaricana
Scutellaria dependens
Scutellaria diffusa
Scutellaria drummondii
Scutellaria elliptica
Scutellaria floridana
Scutellaria forrestii
Scutellaria galericulata
Scutellaria glabriuscula
Scutellaria glaphyrostachys
Scutellaria glechomoides
Scutellaria grandiflora
Scutellaria hastifolia
Scutellaria havanensis
Scutellaria heydei
Scutellaria hirta
Scutellaria hookeri
Scutellaria hypericifolia
Scutellaria immaculata
Scutellaria incana
Scutellaria indica
Scutellaria integrifolia
Scutellaria iyoensis
Scutellaria javanica
Scutellaria kingiana
Scutellaria kiusiana
Scutellaria kuromidakensis
Scutellaria laeteviolacea
Scutellaria laevis
Scutellaria lateriflora
Scutellaria laterifolia
Scutellaria likiangensis
Scutellaria longifolia
Scutellaria mairei
Scutellaria megalaspis
Scutellaria mellichampii
Scutellaria microphylla
Scutellaria mongolica
Scutellaria montana
Scutellaria multiglandulosa
Scutellaria muramatsui
Scutellaria muriculata
Scutellaria nana
Scutellaria nervosa
Scutellaria novae-zelandiae
Scutellaria nummulariifolia
Scutellaria ocmulgee
Scutellaria oreophila
Scutellaria orientalis
Scutellaria orthocalyx
Scutellaria orthotricha
Scutellaria ovata
Scutellaria parvula
Scutellaria pectinata
Scutellaria pinnatifida
Scutellaria pontica
Scutellaria potosina
Scutellaria prostrata
Scutellaria przewalskii
Scutellaria pseudoserrata
Scutellaria racemosa
Scutellaria regeliana
Scutellaria rehderiana
Scutellaria repens
Scutellaria resinosa
Scutellaria salviifolia
Scutellaria sapphirina
Scutellaria saxatilis
Scutellaria scordiifolia
Scutellaria serrata
Scutellaria sevanensis
Scutellaria shikokiana
Scutellaria sieberi
Scutellaria sieversii
Scutellaria siphocampyloides
Scutellaria strigillosa
Scutellaria suffrutescens
Scutellaria tayloriana
Scutellaria texana
Scutellaria thieretii
Scutellaria tienchueanensis
Scutellaria tomentosa
Scutellaria tournefortii
Scutellaria tsusimensis
Scutellaria tuberosa
Scutellaria velenovskyi
Scutellaria viscidula
Scutellaria woronowii
Scutellaria wrightii
Scutellaria zhongdianensis

Links with information about various species of Scutellaria

  • Rob's Plants: Scutellarias - A look at the various skullcaps growing in a Pennsylvania garden, with photos of flowers and leaves and notes on cultivation and propagation.

Last updated:09 Jul 2022