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Spathoglottis plicata

Family: orchidaceae
Common name(s): Ground Orchid, Boat Orchid, Phillippine Orchid
Hardiness ratings: USDA zone 11

General resources

Links for Spathoglottis plicata

  • Dave's Garden PlantFiles - Profile page with horticultural basics, and member-contributed photos and comments. (zone 11) (31 photos)
  • Denver Botanic Gardens - Description, native range, and cultural requirements. (additional pages for other varieties) (zone 11) (8 photos)
  • - Community-assembled plant profile (28 photos)
  • John and Jacq's Garden - Informational page provided by home gardeners in Malaysia with details on culture and propagation. (10 photos)
  • Rob's Plants - Plant profile with basic horticultural information and often personal observations. (zone 11) (1 photo)

Last updated:20 Dec 2023