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Family: lamiaceae

General resources

Species of Stachys

Stachys hybrids and unidentified species
Stachys abchasica
Stachys acerosa
Stachys aethiopica
Stachys affinis
Stachys ajugoides
Stachys alabamica
Stachys albens
Stachys albotomentosa
Stachys alopecuros
Stachys amanica
Stachys annua
Stachys appalachiana
Stachys arvensis
Stachys aspera
Stachys aucheri
Stachys bayburtensis
Stachys bergii
Stachys betonica
Stachys bicolor
Stachys bigelovii
Stachys bullata
Stachys byzantina
Stachys candida
Stachys cataonica
Stachys chamissonis
Stachys chasmosericea
Stachys choruhensis
Stachys chrysantha
Stachys ciliata
Stachys citrina
Stachys clingmanii
Stachys coccinea
Stachys cooleyae
Stachys cordata
Stachys corsica
Stachys crenata
Stachys cretica
Stachys densiflora
Stachys discolor
Stachys distans
Stachys drummondii
Stachys eplingii
Stachys floridana
Stachys fruticulosa
Stachys germanica
Stachys grandidentata
Stachys grandiflora
Stachys hyssopifolia
Stachys inflata
Stachys ionica
Stachys iva
Stachys ixodes
Stachys japonica
Stachys lanata
Stachys latidens
Stachys lavandulifolia
Stachys litoralis
Stachys longifolia
Stachys macrantha
Stachys maritima
Stachys maxima
Stachys megalodonta
Stachys mexicana
Stachys meyeniana
Stachys minima
Stachys minor
Stachys mollissima
Stachys monieri
Stachys monnieri
Stachys montana
Stachys mucronata
Stachys nelsonii
Stachys nivea
Stachys oblongifolia
Stachys ochroleuca
Stachys officinalis
Stachys ossetica
Stachys palustris
Stachys persica
Stachys petrokosmos
Stachys pilifera
Stachys pilosa
Stachys pinardii
Stachys pradica
Stachys pumila
Stachys pycnantha
Stachys recta
Stachys riederi
Stachys rigida
Stachys rizeensis
Stachys rothrockii
Stachys rugosa
Stachys saxicola
Stachys sericophylla
Stachys spathulata
Stachys spinosa
Stachys spinulosa
Stachys spreitzenhoferi
Stachys spruneri
Stachys stebbinsii
Stachys stricta
Stachys swainsonii
Stachys sylvatica
Stachys tenuifolia
Stachys tetragona
Stachys thirkei
Stachys tubulosa

Last updated:10 Jul 2022